As far as cultural impact goes, the Spice Girls were iconic. During the 90’s they managed to top the charts the world over, put out hit after hit, and create such an influential look that their style is exactly what people picture when they think of mid 90’s fashion. They’ve even been having a bit of revival for the last few years with people wearing impossibly high platforms, short slip dresses, and every teenager out there looking like a baby version of Sporty Spice.

In this environment, and with the backstreet boys coming back together to tour again, it’s normal to ask: will the girls get back together for good?

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It’s not like they haven’t reunited a couple of times before. In the last decade, the Spice Girls have been back in some way or another. Sometimes it’s been Mel B, Mel C, Gery and Emma. Others have been just Emma Gery and Mel B. But the point is, it’s happened. In fact, in 2018 they announced a second reunion tour featuring all the girls minus Posh Spice, slated to start in May 2019. Is that just a preview of what could come?

What Else Are They Doing, Anyway?

All the girls have careers of their own now. Mel C, Emma, and Geri have all had varying degrees of success in their solos careers in the music industry. Mel B hasn’t released any new singles in a few years, but she’s become a tv personality serving as judge on The X Factor, she’s also found success on Broadway, and she’s even dabbled in voice acting.

And then, there’s Victoria Beckham. Posh Spice has been a hold out for years now. Though she joined the reunion tour in 2007, and performed with the rest in 2012, but she has since said she’s too busy with other projects. To be fair, that’s far from a lie. Since the Spice Girls officially took a hiatus in 2000, Victoria has done a lot… just not in music. She did have a short lived, modestly successful, solo career as a singer. Afterwards she’s worked hard to become a fashion mogul and has been consistently featured on Most Powerful Brits lists.

Fans tend to be a bit harsh on Posh blaming her for standing between them and their full-on Spice Girls reunion dreams. The thing is, none of these women owe us the time and effort to go on a world tour. Embarking on a reunion and playing gigs all over the world, is a really personal choice and to Victoria, it might not really be worth it. She seems to be content with the massive success she’s found in the fashion industry, and honestly, she never did seem that happy on stage. The last time she reunited with the others, she didn’t even take the opportunity to sing a solo, and she wasn’t exactly known for her vocal abilities anyway.


Fat chance. The days of the OG Spice Girls are long gone. These women have moved on to different projects where they seem happy and fulfilled. We should celebrate the fact that we get to see Ginger, Baby, Scary, and Sporty Spice rock the stage one more time, and stop asking for more out of them.