The Spice Girls had such a huge impact on the popular culture of the late 1990s that there has been a great deal of speculation about the possibility of there being a reunion tour. The band sold over 80 million copies of their albums worldwide, so it would seem that a reunion would be well supported. It is also worth noting that their very first album, named Spice, sold over 31 million records globally, so they certainly had a massive following of fans.

Earlier Comeback Tours

Many people, in fact, still are fans of the Spice Girls and are eagerly hoping for said reunion. There was actually a comeback tour back in 2008, which proved to be very successful. It took in over $70 million and was the 8th largest and most successful tour of that year. The 17 nights that they performed at the O2 arena in London grossed over $33 million. They performed in 47 shows and, combining merchandising and ticket sales, they made a total of $107.2 million.  However, it did not lead to the big comeback that fans anticipated. All five of them came together again to perform live before roaring crowds in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games held in London.

Another Tour

Rumors about a subsequent reunion tour have been floating about ever since. There has been a lot of excitement and build up, however, it seems that this time around fans will not get the full Spice Girls´ experience as Victoria Beckham will probably not be participating. There has been much speculation as to why she would not join; some say it is because she is now focused on her fashion career which has been doing well over the last 10 years. This means it is unlikely that she would have the time to commit to a reunion with the other Spice Girls. Others speculate that it is due to ongoing rivalry between some members of the group.

Either way, a full reunion is not as profitable, so it is now thought that the Spice Girls will probably only have a reunion tour that will take place in the United Kingdom. It is hoped that they will perform for at least 13 dates and is expected to end with three days at London’s famous Wembley Stadium. Apparently, Simon Fuller, the man credited with the creation of the incredibly popular Idol franchises, is going to organize the tour.

The other four Spices who do participate in the reunion are likely to earn a great deal of money; in the region of £12 million each, but only if it is completely sold out, which, judging by previous acts, is a clearly achievable feat. Unfortunately, we will have to wait and see whether this tour will actually take place, whether Victoria Beckham will be joining and whether it will be worldwide or just in the UK.  Only time will tell if we will get one last “Viva Forever” from our beloved Spice Girls.