Victoria Beckham first became known to the public as a member of the all-girl UK band the SpiceGirls. She was nicknamed Posh Spice for the manner in which she dressed and attitude with which she carried herself. The band was hugely successful and sold millions of albums in the late 1990s. One of the characteristics of the band was that each girl had her own designed and specific style of fashion. It therefore is not too surprising that one of the group members would later enter the fashion world.

Beating the Odds

The critics in the fashion world were expecting Victoria to fail because they could not conceive of a singer being a successful fashionista. Despite people expecting her to fall on the sidelines, when she decided that she wanted to enter the fashion world, she actually impressed people in the said industry. Her first collection of dresses was displayed in 2008 in New York City, and she has not looked back. In fact, her first collection was labeled as classy and stylish by the very critics who were predicting her failure. That same year, in 2008, she was actually on the cover of British Vogue magazine, and the critics had only good things to say about her clothing designs.

Beckham’s fashion label now ships to at least 100 different countries worldwide, which really shows how successful she has become in the fashion world. In 2011 it was even named Designer Label of the Year in the United Kingdom. This is an impressive achievement for a woman who also has to juggle four children and a husband along with her work. Victoria started by designing dresses and has over the years assembled a talented team to help her with her fashion ideas. She has since grown the business to include other items of clothing such as, for example, knitwear and even accessories. By the end of 2016 she had made at least £36 million, which is no small achievement.

A True Success Story

Part of the reason for her success is that she hires talented individuals to help her with her designs and with the marketing aspects of the brand. It probably also helped that her name was already recognizable from being in the SpiceGirls and from marrying the high-profile football star, David Beckham.

She also only promotes fake fur clothing and stands firmly against the abuse of animals, which gathers favor from potential customers. Her charitable work also draws much praise and she is one of the most powerful women in fashion today.

Before she started designing, she did do some modeling at London Fashion Week in 2000 and she was the British ambassador for Dolce and Gabbana for a while. She also took to the runway at the Milan Fashion week in 2006. Once she launched her own brand of clothing, she soon became a popular feature at the New York Fashion week which many people attend. In 2017 she expanded her line of clothing to accommodate women of varying sizes from very small to very large. Victoria’s ability to create stylish clothing and to see the needs of the market is a big reason for her successful transition to the fashion world.