The SpiceGirls are a very well-known all female band that came from the United Kingdom. The actual group was created in 1994 and consisted of five women. Though the idea behind the band at the time was to appeal to male audiences, they actually appealed to many young females and this was the basis of their fans. The first released song, titled “Wannabe”, reached number 1 in 37 countries. During the first two months alone, they sold over 1.8 million copies of their album in the United Kingdom only. Their rise to fame and popularity was very fast and some people even compare it to the time the Beatles first played.

Promoting Strong Women

This 1990s pop music band had a very positive impact on young women around the world since they promoted the idea of being an individual and a strong female in a male-dominated world. Each member of the band also dressed to show their personality and displayed a type of “girl power” that was embraced by hordes of girls and women around the world. The members of the band each had their own fashion style and they really chose their own clothes and look. Their music had positive happy themes like enjoying yourself and being an independent woman. These were the ideas that women in the world were happy to embrace, with many very young girls looking up to the Spicegirls and copying their style.


The media also helped to spread the influence of the band since they gave nicknames to each member of the group. Soon everybody was referring to them as Ginger, Posh, Baby, Scary, and Sporty Spice. This really helped to further push the idea of individualism and girl power that people were associating with the band. Young girls could see that it was okay to be an individual and not dress exactly like everyone else. This was especially appealing for teenagers struggling to develop their own identity and feeling the peer pressure typical of the adolescent years.

The fact that each member of the band had very different styles which matched their concept and helped to reiterate this idea of individuality and independence. For example, Posh Spice was usually seen wearing fancy clothes, while Sporty Spice was always wearing tracksuits and athletic shoes. This also proved that a girl could be friends with other girls who were different and that this was okay. This was actually a very good thing since it was encouraging girls to be themselves and showed that friendship could still exist among each other even if they had very different personalities.

The theme of empowerment is important for young girls who may feel inferior to boys and feel that their wants and desires do not matter. The Spicegirls really showed that you could be a strong woman with your own style and that this was perfectly acceptable and was in fact something to be celebrated.

Some people claim that the Spice Girls really did help to increase feminism during the late 1990s, and even today the “girl power” is still being repeated by other female singers and celebrities. Some of the Spice Girls songs have even been used to emphasize issues such as gender inequality.