Emma Bunton, properly known as ‘Baby Spice’, made a name for herself for being one of the most iconic members of the Spice Girls, but what do you actually know about her, her life, and how she made it to the top of the world? Let’s walk you through a brief history of her life. Baby Spice was born on January 21, 1976, in Finchley, North London, and she was a true fan of the cameras since her earliest days. So, fresh off high school at the tender age of 16, she enrolled in a drama class at Barnet Technical College.Still, it would take her a while before she’d meet the rest of the band, but she was still a teenager when she was baptized as ‘Baby Spice’ in 1993 when she had a glimpse of the world-wide fame she’d get from then on. Emma spent 5 years with the Spice Girls, but she also wanted to fly on her own.

Solo Artist

Most of the Spice Girls were already trying to work on their own solo projects, so Bunton didn’t want to be left behind. She did her first solo gig featuring Tin Tin Out, performing a ‘What I Am’ cover in 1999. Still, it wouldn’t be until 2001 when she’d found the best of success as a solo artist, when she came up with the catchy ‘What Took You So Long’, climbing all the way to the top of the charts to become the only Spice Girl to have a number 1 hit for more than a year. Her solo project was taking shape and she released her first album without the Spice, called ‘A Girl Like Me’, which made it to the number 4 spot of the charts in the United Kingdom thanks to success like ‘Take My Breath Away’.

Rise and Fall

We’re Not Gonna Sleep Tonigh

However, her success vanished quickly and she called off her plans to release new singles for some time until she finally released ‘We’re Not Gonna Sleep Tonight’, but she wound up firing her manager because of the lack of success and promotion she was having at the time. Now with Simon Fuller on board, Baby Spice would have the help of the same guy that led the Spice Girls to success, releasing ‘Free Me’ and ‘Maybe’ to take her career back from the ground in 2003 and paving the way for her second solo album.Following the release of her album, Baby became the only Spice Girl to be able to sell more copies of her second album than the first one, with over 140.000 copies sold in the United Kingdom alone. She’d release her third album called ‘Life In Mono’ back in 2006, but the promotion was canceled as it wasn’t having nearly half the success everybody was expecting with just 45.000 copies sold. After the Spice Girls’ comeback tour in 2008, Baby Spice has dedicated her time to making some cameos on TV and taking care of her son, and while there haven’t been any official news so far, rumors claim she’s working on some new material as we speak. Bring it on, Baby!