Did you know that the Airbnb platform will allow Spice Girls fans inside the iconic Spice Bus? Yes, the same used in the Spice World movie. Only for two days during June 14 and 15, for the first time in history, fans from around the world can make their dreams come true by sleeping for one night in the original Spice Bus. It will be fully equipped with magazines and CDs from the 90s that will help recreate the wonderful decade of the cool group of Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Victoria Adams and Emma Bunton.

Inside the Spice Bus

Suzanne Godley, the fan who published the bus on Airbnb, said that Spice Girls were her obsession during childhood. As told by her, she must have seen the movie hundreds of times, so she was ecstatic when her boss told her that she was considering buying the Spice Bus, thereafter, Godley said that she was “more than glad to be part of the bus renovation”. It now includes a living room with pink cinema chairs with the British flag located underneath a Neon light installation with the legend “Girl Power”.

As in Spice World, this emblematic bus was painted with the British flag. By the way, did you know Spice World almost made as much money as Titanic? But back to the bus, as an accommodation by Airbnb, it will be transformed for two days, there are reservations available on the platform starting in $ 109 for June in the days 14 and 15, in the park of the city of London. The site will probably turn into a great place for fans to meet, have fun and take pictures with the iconic bus.


Each bedroom within the bus will be decorated with a spectacular animal print carpet and marvelous comfortable bed, also, with more 90s references and who knows what other surprises might await in the Spice Bus. This will be their home for one night, with a dressing room where guests can wear the little Gucci dresses popularized by spices. Hadi Moussa, the general manager of Airbnb for Northern Europe, expressed that “being one of the first people in the world to stay in the iconic bus is a dream come true for any fan and a unique way in life to spend time with friends or family”, and they will really make it happen.

Smoking is not permitted

If you are lucky enough to be part of this experience in the Spice Bus, you must comply with the dress codes of the 90s (for real), as it is one of the requirements. Also, there is an important and strict ban on smoking and carrying pets. The bus will be located in Market Square and in front of the Olympic Way. It will have a maximum capacity of 3 guests. Nevertheless, Suzanne, the girl in charge of reservations, knows that the bus is expected to arouse great interest, so she will add more dates in order to offer the possibility of reserving it to the most possible number of fans, so if you are a true fan of the Spice Girls, you better do not let this opportunity get away. Better call Suzanne and say you will be there!