June 2018

How Victoria Beckham Grew Her Career from Spice Girl to Fashionista

Victoria Beckham Grew Her Career

Victoria Beckham first became known to the public as a member of the all-girl UK band the SpiceGirls. She was nicknamed Posh Spice for the manner in which she dressed and attitude with which she carried herself. The band was hugely successful and sold millions of albums in the late 1990s. One of the characteristics […]

How the SpiceGirls Had a Positive Influence on Young Women

Promoting Strong Women

The SpiceGirls are a very well-known all female band that came from the United Kingdom. The actual group was created in 1994 and consisted of five women. Though the idea behind the band at the time was to appeal to male audiences, they actually appealed to many young females and this was the basis of […]