Geri Profile

Geraldine Estelle Horner as she is known now, is better known as Geri Halliwell or “Ginger Spice” from her time in the cult all-female pop group the Spice Girls. Born on August 6, 1972, Halliwell, now 45-years-old, was part of the Spice Girls during their most successful period, a period that sold them sell more […]

Melanie Brown
British LGBT Awards 2016, Grand Connaught Rooms, London, UK - 13 Jun 2016

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Mel B Profile

Melanie Janine Brown, or Mel B as she was better-known in the Spice Girls, was born in Harehills, Leeds on May 29, 1975. Despite being from humble beginnings, Mel B had an estimated personal fortune of $50 million in 2015, thanks mostly to her involvement with the Spice Girls. Mel B always wanted to be […]


How the Spice Girls Hit Wannabe Became a Global Hit

The Spice Girls burst onto the music scene in 1996 with their first single “Wannabe.” Love it or loath it, Wannabe became an overnight global smash hit and is currently the world’s best-selling single by a girl group and was, in 2014, voted as the most easily recognised pop song of the past 60 years. […]


Spice Girls’ Controversies

The Spice Girls were seen as a ground-breaking band as they burst onto the global music scene and immediate resonated with women around the world with the band declaring everything they did was for “Girl Power”.  From their sometimes thought-provoking lyrics, including publicizing safe sex in the song “Two Become One,” to their often-revealing dresses […]


All About the Movie “Spice World”

The Spice Girls may be best-known for their massive hit singles and albums in the 1990s, and rightly so because the quintet enjoyed unprecedented success and have become one of the most iconic bands of all-time. Spice World was the title of the band’s second studio album, released on November 3, 1997, but the same […]


Spice Girls’ biggest hits

The Spice Girls sold a staggering 85 million records during their hugely successful careers, making them the biggest-selling all-female group of all-time. The group enjoyed nine UK number one hits, which spent a combined 22 weeks at the top of the UK charts, and produced singles that spent 50 weeks in the top 10. “Wannabe” […]


What are the Spice Girls doing now

The Spice Girls were the biggest selling all-female pop group of all-time, selling hundreds of millions of singles and albums around the world while they were active and are seen as one of the most influential female bands in the world. Since splitting from the Spice Girls, the five members have embarked on solo careers […]


A brief history of the Spice Girls

During 1994, an advertisement was placed in the trade magazine The Stage asking for female singers to attend an audition for an all-female pop band at Danceworks Studio. Almost 400 women attended the audition before being whittled down to only five. Those now-famous five became the Spice Girls. Victoria Adams, Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown, Melanie […]


The Spice Girls sold a staggering 85 million records during their hugely successful careers, making them the biggest-selling all-female group of all-time.